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When Grief Visits Your Home


When you are feeling sad, melancholy, or depressed, where do you turn to grieve, for comfort, or a listening ear? A dear friend shared some excerpts from her journal about her personal feelings. With her permission, I’m sharing a portion that you might be able to identify with: “This morning, I feel melancholy, a sadness that I can’t shake. I’m usually pretty good with managing my feelings or so I’d like to think.”

She was working on hosting a conference that is directed towards encouraging and empowering women in leadership to develop their gifts and talents. However, she was recently widowed. When a significant change occurs in our lives, like the death of a spouse, we grieve the loss and simultaneously feel a sense of relief because they are no longer suffering or in pain. Others may experience guilt because they feel a sense of relief.

She had been married to this remarkable man for 44 years. When he walked into a room, his presence commanded respect and attention. Her husband was her key man for her women’s mentoring fellowship. He took care of photography, the sound system, the website and was a significant financial asset, to name a few of his responsibilities. He supported her and gave her the freedom to run with her vision for women in the community. He had her back. It’s only natural for her to miss him deeply. She is experiencing the loss of her soul mate. There is a void, an empty place where there once was a loving husband, friend, life partner, co-worker, provider, cheerleader… And, she was his faithful wife, lover, a champion for his endeavors, and caregiver when he became ill.

It’s normal to expect people who’ve lost someone they love to be deeply affected by their loss. Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? Give yourself grace and permission to grieve. Grief is normal. It is how people respond to a significant personal loss. If you need someone to come alongside, you and help you through the grief process, you may want to consider grief counseling. Through counseling, you will find comfort, support, strength, and encouragement. I’m going to say it again because it’s important. Remember, Grief is normal, natural, and necessary. For a free 15-minute consultation or to schedule an appointment, contact me at www.diannebrown.live. You can make it. You can find hope for the future.

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